COTTAGE FOR RENT IN QUEBEC, IN CHARLEVOIX COUNTY. A mere 3 kilometers from the riverside town of Baie-St-Paul and 30 meters from the shore of the St Lawrence in a spectacular wilderness setting. Exceptional view of the village, the bay and the river at large. Private waterfront access. Year round, four seasons rentals. Establishment permit CITQ # 222616

The town of Baie-St-Paul, where nature and culture meet in the heart of Charlevoix county, one of the most sought after holiday regions in the province of Quebec. Year round calm, beauty, quality time and comfort are the hallmarks of Les Prés Salés. 

The waterfront property provides an exceptional view and private access to the shore, a rare and sought after spot, ideal for riverside activities. Surrounded by a grove of mature cedars, the house setting is private and intimate, take a step or two and you are alone with the immensity of sky and sea.

With its exceptional views, perfect calm, comfort and sense of design and decoration, this creator’s retreat, lovers hideaway, is a land fall for worn out urbanites. Either way; on skis, in running shoes, in slippers or barefoot, at the Prés Salés, the St-Lawrence is at your feet!


The cottage is built on a slope, on relatively rugged terrain, close to the train tracks (one tourism train – 4 cars – twice daily, in high season, never at night). For security reasons, the cottage is not recommended for children younger than 10 years of age. The property is strictly non-smoking and animals are not allowed as the owner is very allergic to pets. 

In the summer you can park your vehicle close to the cottage (15 meters). In the winter, the slope leading down to the house is not cleared, you’ll leave your car in a private parking spot at the top and walk down a hundred meters or so on a hardened snow path. Two large sleighs are provided to transport your goods and belongings. Four pairs of snowshoes are also at your disposal as well as spikes for your boots on the occasional icy days. It’s a very short walk… well worth the pristine silence of the river’s edge in the winter.